🕵️ Privacy

If you didn’t know already, I take privacy seriously and The Meta Letter is no different. The back-end newsletter system uses Sendy and is hosted by me. So your email won’t be going to any 3rd parties. I am in complete control of it and your email will not be shared.

All newsletter emails contain an unsubscribe link that actually works. If you unsubscribe, your email address is deleted from the system and will never be used by me again. It’s that simple.

Clicks of links within The Meta Letter issues are tracked, but they are anonymous. So if you click a link within one of the issues, I will know how many people clicked, but I won’t know who clicked.

Anonymous tracking screenshot

Why track them though?

Well, dear reader, it’s not that I want to spy on you or anything like that. All I want to know is what’s popular and what isn’t. This way I get a better idea of what you fine people like to see in The Meta Letter.

To reiterate: I have no idea who clicks on the links, only that someone has clicked.

Friends don’t spy; true friendship is about privacy, too.

— Stephen King