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Meta Letter 16 - Tremendous Titbits

📅 23 Jul 2021

Hey there! It’s been another two weeks, so here I am, invading your inbox once more. Aren’t you so glad you subscribed! 🙃

The kids are about to break up for the summer holidays, which means 6 weeks of “joy” for myself and pretty much every other parent out there. Good luck, fellow parents!

Aside from that, the weather has been incredibly hot over here in the UK, as it has in the US I believe. Also, Germany currently looks more like Venice. Isn’t global warming wonderful.

If you’re in Germany, I wish you all the best and hope you’re keeping safe.

Right then, shall we get on with the issue?

📝 From my blog

So the big news from my blog this month is that I quit using Linux on my desktop. That’s right, I’m a Windows guy now. I posted it on Mastodon and honestly, was expecting a lot of heated replies.

I was really surprised to read the overwhelming response from people, which was “me too!”

The other post I wrote was a simple how-to guide on getting a PiHole back to it’s default block list. Pretty basic for many people, but I found it challenging, so thought a quick how to guide may be helpful for others.

A Sombre Goodbye To Linux
I recently wrote about why I think complaints about the stability of Windows are unfounded. Since then, I’ve actually said goodbye to Linux.

How To Restore The Default PiHole Block List
PiHole is awesome. I use it on my Synology via Docker and it’s been working great for years. But what if you get a little too trigger happy with the block lists?

🧐 Meta Picks

The Internet is chock full of interesting stuff! My list of cool titbits grows every single week, but I’m trying to limit myself to 3 picks per issue.

If you think I should start adding more, please do let me know by replying to this email.

Here’s my pick for this month. There’s some InfoSec, web design and web development stuff in there. So hopefully, something for everyone.

The Police Station Incident
Something a little more InfoSec focussed here. Darknet Diaries is a fantastic podcast and this is a great example of how incompetence can make a network insecure.

Bryan Font
The story of how Jon Hicks came to make a font of his late father’s distinctive handwriting. A typographic homage and a labour of love.

Feed me up, Scotty!
If you’re into RSS feeds, like I am, then this is for you. Feed Me Up, Scotty! allows you to create an RSS feed from pretty much any website.

💭 Meta Thought

So that wraps up another edition of The Meta Letter. I really hope you’re enjoying this newsletter. If you have any thoughts or comments on anything I can do better, please do get in touch.

Remember: You can reply to this email and it will go straight to my inbox.

If you’re one of the people who replied to my request for feedback last month, I really do appreciate it. All that great feedback is helping me to continually evolve The Meta Letter so you (hopefully) continue to find it useful and interesting.

My wife and I recently celebrated the first anniversary of adopting our kids (if you want to know more, check out this post).

My wife and I have been looking back over the last year and thinking about how far we have come as a family unit. When we first adopted them, they would awkwardly cuddle us (and us them). Now we regularly get “Mummy/Daddy, I love you!” and lots of kisses and cuddles, just like any other kids.

I’m not saying it’s been easy. Goodness no. It’s probably been the most difficult year of my life. But, as tough as it’s been, it has been rewarding in equal measure.

Here’s to many more years together as the Quirk family. And, many more firsts…we have our first family holiday coming up, our first birthday party (we didn’t do any last year because of COVID) and probably 100 other firsts that I can’t think of right now.

Anyway, that’s something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to recently, so it felt appropriate to share it on the Meta Thought section.

As is my way, I’ll leave you with this thought to ponder…

Security at every level of an airport is absolutely ridiculous. Until you get to the baggage claim. Then it’s just like take whatever bag you want. 🧳🛅

Until next time; Kev, out.