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Meta Letter 06 – Do What You Love

📅 15 Nov 2020

Hey folks!

Welcome back to another instalment of ☕ Craving Coffee. It’s been a busy month, both personally and professionally. Work has been so busy — if you don’t know, I lead the Cyber Security Incident Response team across Europe for Bank of America– there are days where things get so busy I feel overwhelmed – those days aren’t cool. But when they inevitably come along, I find it’s important to concentrate on what’s important – myself. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing this month.

So in this month’s post, I want to take some time to talk about some of the fun stuff I’ve been doing this month in order to lighten my mojo.

Ok, enough waffle, let’s get on with the newsletter shall we…

I moan, I think, I conquer

Between the kids, work, my personal blog, One Crap Dad, Fosstodon and this newsletter it has all felt a bit too much recently; and so last month I asked you fine people, should I kill this newsletter?

I had lots of great feedback, all of it was positive which really helped. I decided not to make any rash decisions, and I’m glad I took the time as it has allowed me to take stock and make a decision…

This newsletter isn’t going anywhere; it’s here to stay (sorry). ?

I realised that I love the readership that I have built up around my blog, but I love the small community I have built up around this newsletter so much more. Every month I get at least a handful of replies from you guys and a conversation usually starts because of it. I love that.

So thank you guys for all the support, ☕ Craving Coffee is here to stay.

Venting pressure

I have a lot of my plate at the moment, that’s for sure. Something probably needs to give; that something is likely going to be One Crap Dad. I’m not going to go deleting the website or anything though. I’m just not going to bother updating it with any kind of regularity. When I have something to say on there, I’ll say it. Until then, I won’t post anything.

I also decided to redesign my personal website. I love designing websites – it’s so much fun and I’ve been meaning to give my website a revamp in a way that reflects my personality a little more. So I gave it a 90s feel and have added a bit of whimsy to the whole thing.

I’m so happy with the result – I think it looks great, but most importantly, I’ve enjoyed doing it and the site is now a bit of fun, not a personal site trying to pose as a serious editorial. If you have an opinion, please do let me know by replying to this email, or signing my guestbook (told you it was 90s!)

Dog walks have helped too…very loooooong dog walks. So much so, I think my dog is getting sick of the sight of me holding her lead! ?

I’m clearly very happy with the dog walking, not so sure my dog is though. Also, I swear my eyes aren’t usually that creepy, and I’m not in the bushes outside your house. Promise! ?

This month’s ramblings

So I’m in a pretty good head space at the moment, and I’m making time for the things I enjoy. Here’s some of my ramblings from the blog this month:

Blog of the month – The New Oil

I’m into privacy. I try not to use Google where possible, I don’t have a Facebook account, and I’m trying to move my friends and family over from WhatsApp to Signal (so far that isn’t going all that well ?).

The New Oil is an information security and privacy blog maintained by Nate Bartram. There’s a Write.As blog, a website and a Podcast. I personally follow the RSS feed of the Write.As blog and I subscribe to Nate’s podcast. But the main website has a tonne of useful and interesting information within it as well. The website kind of works like a wizard where you start with an introduction, click next, and are taken through a load of posts about good privacy and information security hygiene.

What I love about the blog is that each post adds Nate’s unique perspective and they’re really well researched. For example, it isn’t the usual click-bait “5 of the best privacy respecting browsers” we’re talking about here – those kind of posts are just garbage. What Nate does is get you thinking. He adds his own perspective, which is backed up by a lot of research, then leaves you to make a decision on what’s best for you personally.

I’d highly recommend checking out The New Oil using the links below:

That’s all folks!

Whoo! This was a long one this month. Sorry about that, I hope you’re still awake!

Again, thank you all for the support and feedback last month, and hello to all the new subscribers I’ve gotten since the last newsletter went out. I hope you guys enjoyed this instalment of ☕ Craving Coffee. If you did, tell your friends, tell your mum, tell your school teacher or just forward this email on to someone.

If you want to have a conversation about anything I’ve covered in this post, just hit the reply button!

Until next month, folks.

Kev, out.