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Meta Letter 03 – A Long Month

📅 27 Aug 2020

Another month has been and gone, so here is the latest Craving Coffee update. This month has been crazy to say the least. If you missed my last newsletter, A Personal Update, I talk about my wife and I adopting and our motivations to do so.

This has been the first full month with the kids and, oh my goodness it’s been hard! Very hard. But hard in a good way. Things are going great for the most part – there are some hiccups along the way, usually when I mess something up, but we’re getting there. If you want to read more about the my adoption journey and the silly mistakes I make along the way, check out Dad’s Notebook, which is a blog I’ve made all about this stuff.

This month’s musings

Since last we spoke I’ve managed to somehow produce content. Yes, the rate at which I produce my babble has very much decreased, but I’ve still managed to get some posts published, so I’m calling that a win!

First I did some testing of WordPress caching plugins to try and work out which performs the best in a somewhat controlled environment. I put a lot of work into this one, and was really expecting it to do well, but it pretty much flopped to be honest. I think that’s because I gave it a fairly spammy title. The test results actually surprised me, so if you’re running WordPress it might be worth checking out.

A couple weeks later I was listening to the brilliant Late Night Linux podcast where Joe had one of his friends on talking about why they always reverted to Windows after trying Linux. Anyway, the TL;DR is that Joe’s friend didn’t like the workflow in most of the Linux distros he used, preferring the Windows workflow. So I haphazardly chucked together a post on making Ubuntu work like Windows 10.

I didn’t put much work into this post to be honest, but it ended up going semi-viral and got a lot of traffic from trending on Google News. I think this just goes to show that you never know which posts are going to be popular.

In my final post this month I wrote a guide on how to install a Pi-hole on a Synology NAS. This post also did pretty well and actually got high praise on Reddit. Yeah you read that right; high praise on Reddit!

Wrapping up

That’s enough for this…episode?…edition?…update?…post?…Whatever you call these newsletter thingy. Today was my son’s birthday, we went to the zoo and I’m absolutely knackered! So, I’m going to retire to the sofa with a nice cold beer cup of tea.

Until next time, may your coffee be hot, strong and keep you wide awake!

Kev, out.