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Meta Letter 02 – A Personal Update

📅 21 Jul 2020

So here we are again – another month has gone by in a flash so I thought it was hide time I wrote another email to you. In today’s email I’m going to give a personal update, something which I very rarely do on my website. In fact, I’ve only ever done it once on my post recommending the book A Biker’s Life by Henry Cole.

You may have noticed that the rate of new posts on my blog have reduced this month. That’s because over the last 18 months, my wife and I have been going through the process of adopting two young children and they have finally been placed with us!

Having one little person enter your life is difficult enough, but having two walking, talking, shouting, screaming little people — both with their own likes and dislikes that we know very little of — is exponentially more difficult!

They have been living with us for a week now and it’s fair to say that we’re both extremely tired, but so grateful to have them both in our life.

Why did we adopt?

Most of the fellow adopters that we have met and spoken with fall into one of two categories:

  1. Same-sex couples
  2. Fertility issues

But my wife and I were in a third category, all on our own – because we wanted to.

We decided a long time ago that we didn’t want children of our own. Not because we don’t like them (we wouldn’t have adopted two of them if we didn’t!) more because we were just happy with our life as it was, and we didn’t feel that a child would enhance it at that time.

As we got older (we’re both in our mid-thirties), we decided that the time was right to have kids, but we still didn’t feel the urge to have our own. You see, I have a step-father and love him dearly, so never felt the need to pass on my genes. I believe much more in nurture, rather than nature.

Anyway, my wife mentioned adoption to me one day and the rest is history, as they say. A year and half later and here we are – getting up at 05:30 every morning. Snotty noses, dirty nappies and more mess than I ever thought possible. And we wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’m currently on my paternity leave (we get 2 weeks here in the UK, but I took some vacation too). My wife and I are perched on end of the sofa while our youngest has their mid-morning nap, and our oldest is enthralled in Disney’s The Sword In The Stone. So I decided to take advantage of this short rest-bite to write an email to you.

My babble this month

So this month I’ve been focusing on updating some of my older content that is popular. This is very important for search engine optimisation, but more importantly, it ensures that the contents on those popular posts stays relevant.

It’s not all updates this month though, I have written a couple of new posts…

Email is not broken

In my Email Is Not Broken post, I talk about Basecamp’s attempt at “fixing” email, Hey. The TL;DR is that I don’t think email is inherently broken – the tools exist to make email great, it just needs a bit of work.

Synology vs Nextcloud

I also compared Synology and Nextcloud in the context of a home server and why I think that Synology is a far better solution than Nextcloud. Ultimately, I think that Nextcloud are trying to do too much too soon, and it has resulted in a mediocre product overall.


I hope you have enjoyed this month’s update. When I started this newsletter, I committed to letting you in on information that isn’t publicly available. By giving you an insight to what’s going on in my personal life, I hope it will allow you to get to know me a little better.

I have a tonne of draft posts on the blog at the moment – hopefully I will get around to writing at least a couple of posts over the next month, but if I don’t, I’ll still ensure I make the time to write my monthly newsletter, don’t worry about that!

Until next time, new Dad, out.