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🤷‍♂️ What is The Meta Letter?

I’m so glad you asked, dear reader. The Meta Letter is a monthly newsletter written by me, Kev Quirk. Each issue covers everything you need to be successful, happy and rich.

Ok, ok. That’s a bit of a stretch, but The Meta Letter is an interesting newsletter if you’re into the same kind of things as I am. Subjects like technology, web design and privacy are par for the course on The Meta Letter.

Every month I talk about content from my own blog, some interesting reading I’ve found from around the Internet and some carefully curated tools, apps and websites that have piqued my interest.

I really want The Meta Letter to be a way for me and you to have a more personal connection. Blog posts are great, but they’re a one-to-many relationship.

Email, I feel, is much more personal. I send The Meta Letter from an address that goes right into my inbox. So if you reply with a question, some feedback, or a suggestion for a blog post, it will hit my inbox, I will read it and I will respond.

✅ How to subscribe

It’s simple, folks! Just bang your email into the field below and hit “Subscribe!”. I’ll then send you an email that contains a link to confirm your subscription. This is to make sure you really want to subscribe and that it isn’t a mistake.

After that you’re done. My drivel incredibly interesting newsletter will be making its way into your inbox every month. Don’t worry if you change your mind, every issue of The Meta Letter contains an unsubscribe link.